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Tree Care Tavistock

As part of our services, we provide tree care in Tavistock and East Cornwall and West Devon. We can help you choose from the wide variety of species that are available.

Our Tree Care Services

We advise our clients to consider the following:

  • How to manage trees you have inherited in your garden.


  • Shaping and reducing or raising canopies to increase light and the aesthetics of your garden.
  • Choosing tree species to provide: colour, flowers, fruit, shade, screening or a focal point.
  • Managing tree diseases – how to prolong the life of a much-loved tree or decide when to remove a sick tree and replant.


  • Monitoring signs of disease e.g. bracket fungi, fruiting bodies, canker, leaf minors and canopy health (such as in Ash Dieback).
  • Anticipating tree growth and caring for trees so that they maintain an optimum size and pleasing shape.


  • Considering the proximity of trees to buildings and highways.


  • Managing tree safety by removing dead wood and damaged branches from storms, fitting cable bracing and taking the weight out of elderly, large and mature trees.
  • Planting trees and hedge lines to encourage wildlife and support indigenous habitats.


  • How to ensure new trees get the best start with correct staking methods and watering.

Gardening Services

Our team can get your garden looking its best with our range of pruning and trimming services, so if your plants, hedges and trees need so attention, give us a call.

man climbing a tree

Contact Colin Chadwick Tree Specialist

For tree care in Tavistock, Liskeard, The Tamar Valley and Plymouth, contact us today. We have helped both residential and commercial clients care for their trees, and Colin Chadwick can visit personally to provide advice and will answer any of your arboricultural questions. Get in touch with us to find out more.

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